A Game Jam +


1st Stage

Game Jam

All regional qualifiers will happen simultaneously on the same weekend, pretty much like GGJ. It works like a game jam meets business, as participants will need to come up with their ideas, get together in a team and will have 48h to develop not only their game but also a pitch for their product. By the end of the jam, they will present their games to the juries as if pitching to a publisher or investor, showing not only the game but also their marketing and business planning. After that we will have the first winner of each city.



Games will be submitted in an online platform and then evaluated by the public. Following the game jam, there will be a month of online voting, in which the all other teams not previously selected can try their way to the top and be chosen as the second winner of their city. This is a moment to stimulate the teams business and marketing visions for them to challenge themselves and conquer their spot in the final, while giving a boost to the life cycle of their projects.

2nd Stage

Finalists Acceleration

It happens in the period in between the game jam and the Finals. It is a stage that functions just like a acceleration process of startups: the main organizers will link the finalists with seasoned professionals for online mentoring Sessions, looking to improve the overall quality of the games and better the team's business mindsets.

3rd Stage

The Finals

It will happen in November and unite the finalists and the organizers of each local sites in the final showdown in Rio de Janeiro. It's a moment filled with networking and cultural exchanges between all the participating cities, building up to the awards ceremony. Besides the main awards, there will be also the following extra awards: