How can I


Every jam site has its type of registration. Every one of them will be listed on our main site (www.gamejamplus.com). For any further doubts, contact your local organizer.

Who can


Game Jam + welcomes jammers from any areas of expertises, that actually improves a team project. Remember that making games is a multidisciplinary activity. There are no past experience requirements, you don’t have to be a pro or a veteran, as long as you can contribute in some way to the project, you’re welcome! After all, that’s why we have mentors! So don’t be afraid, go down the rabbit hole and embark on this adventure!

Can I participate with

a team I created beforehand?

Yes, you can! Of course, it is not a requirement. We will host an activity to break the ice and build teams, so no one will be left out. Remember to be open to this experience! You can find your dream team member there, who knows?

Do I must stay at the jam site during production?

Can my team only participate in the opening ceremony and come back at the end?

Yes, you must stay.

This Jam is 100% to be hosted on site. Of course, we’re not locking anyone anywhere. You can go out whenever you want, but just remember to come back to work on your project. The game project MUST be worked only inside your jam site. So if you want to go out to eat, sleep at home, attend your cousin bar-mitzvah, please do. But you won’t be permitted to work on your project while outside.

Can one of my team members work remotely?

I have a friend that lives in my grandma’s city that wanted to participate.

Unfortunately, no they can’t.

I mean, they can register and go to your jam site to participate there. But no one on the team can work on the project remotely.

I’m not a developer but I wanted to help

a team in some other way, can I?

Yes, yup and of course you can! As said before, making games is a multidisciplinary activity, and GJ+ is an event that recognizes that. Remember that there will be a business pitch, so people with marketing, business, advertising and monetization knowledge can participate (and other specializations too!). Do you have a friend that is awesome doing business pitches? Why not asking him to join your team? Making games for a living is not restricted to only making the game, remember that at all times!

I’m working in a game for a while,

can I use it in GJ+?

Well, no. We said before, the game must be made entirely during the jam. If you worked on it before, it can’t be your game project this time.If you have any doubts, please go back to the rules section, to the one we wrote in red.

Can I film, photograph, stream the jam?

My online followers would love to see this!

Of course you can! This is not a movie theater, go nuts! We only ask you to respect your fellow jammers privacy in doing so, after all, as the first rule said: respect!

How do you decide the winners?

We’ll have two winning teams in each jam site: one decided by the jurors and the other by online public voting. Further informations on the section number 6.